Get Involved

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There is always plenty to see and do at the Ark on a Sunday morning.
  Because the building is used as a community resource and not just for worship we start each Sunday with the transformation of the main hall into a place for worship.

Led by the steward on duty and a team of Sunday stewards and helpers, the chairs are laid out and the communion table and electric piano brought in. 

We have a rota of people who each week provide a vase of flowers for display at the front of the church and in the “bunker” at the back of the church the laptop computer and projector are set up ready to display notices and hymns on the screen at the front of the church, and on a monitor at the rear, so there is rarely the need to use hymn books.

When the service includes Holy Communion a team of helpers prepare the communion table and help in the service.
When the service is all age worship there are people on hand to keep the younger children happy with drawing activities during the service.
And there is a group of teachers and helpers who have prepared craft and teaching activities, and lead sessions for Noah Club and the Ark Teens on all those Sundays which are not all age worship.
Volunteers are at the door to welcome people as they arrive and help newcomers find their way.

During the service the bible readings are read by members of the congregation who have said they are willing to do so, and have been organised by the steward.

The weekly collection is usually taken up by the volunteers who have been at the door that morning.
At the end of each service coffee, tea and biscuits are served by a team of volunteers.
And finally, the worship area is cleared ready for the community activities of the week ahead.
All this activity provides lots of opportunity for people to chat and catch up as they work, and makes the Ark a great place to make new friends as they worship on a Sunday.
But the work of the church doesn’t stop on a Sunday.  Our Community Worker relies on volunteers to help her with the various activities she organises and there are various church-led activities which take place during the week.
Do you want to get involved?